Established Over 20 Years Ago

Beechtree Capital, LLC, founded by George over 20 years ago, is a family-owned advisory and venture capital firm with operations in New York City, Silicon Valley Scottsdale and Sedona, AZ.

Beechtree has provided venture funding, management coaching and financial and strategic networking in more than 80 transactions. While serving as a lead investor, Beechtree has enjoyed a success rate exceeding 60%, participating in transactions exceeding $600 million. Beechtree has realized a return on investment of more than 300% overall.

Beechtree is currently participating in a number of ventures across the energy, ecological, sports, entertainment and medical industries.


George M. Weiss, Founder & CEO

Current Ventures

Greenworks International, LLC
Mr Weiss is a 50% partner in Greenworks International, LLC an Arizona company which, with international strategic partners, will provide comprehensive energy management solutions as well as the development and implementation of Micro-grid technologies to improve reliability, security and resiliency of various aspects of the world wide Grid.

Shar McBee Enterprises
George has enjoyed a long association with Shar McBee of Shar McBee Enterprises in Los Angeles, and Beechtree has partnered with Shar to expand the company, which is a  firm advancing not-for-profit financings and operations.

XOS Digital
In 2003, George led the first institutional equity financing of the then two-year-old XOS Digital, Inc., and he continues to serve on the firm’s board of directors and as an audit committee member. The firm, based in Wilmington, MA, has pioneered digital and media technology for the entire sports industry. XOS now has 480 sports partners, and its technologies are widely used by over 900 teams.

Forward Edge, Inc.
With Romeo Laurel, a past Bowen Smith partner, George was an early investor and serves on the board of Forward Edge, Inc., a Houston-based drug-testing lab. In association with the University of Texas, Forward Edge, Inc. is the leading company in its field in Texas.

Blue Chip Special Opportunity Funds V and VI
George is a special advisor and venture partner in Blue Chip Special Opportunity Funds V and VI, based in Cincinnati, OH. These two funds are late-stage venture investment funds which, to date, have exceeded their stated goal of achieving a 200% return in two years. They are part of the family of six Blue Chip Venture funds headed by a 35+-year associate and co-investor of George’s.

Notable Past Projects

Bowen Smith Corp.
George was the initial institutional investor in, co-founder and board chairman of Bowen Smith Corp., an early radio communications tower company based in Houston, Texas, which, after a number of equity and debt financings, merged with American Radio Systems and went public on the NYSE as American Tower Corp., currently the largest radio communications tower and related facilities company in the world with a valuation exceeding $86 billion.

Nexsan Corp.
In 2001, George led a small group to reorganize and finance Nexsan Corp., a fledgling British company in the data storage industry. George oversaw the firm’s relocation to the United States, where it became headquartered in the Los Angeles area. George served as board chair for 10 years and as co-chair with a past CEO of Lucent Technologies for two years. He also led a number of preferred stock and convertible debt funding rounds. The company merged with a NYSE firm in early 2013 with a $125 million valuation.

VeriFides Technology, Inc.
George co-founded and developed VeriFides Technology, Inc., which acquired innovative patents for digital media security. George chaired the board of directors for VeriFides, which was based in New York City. The technology, originally developed by the US Military, was scheduled to be marketed through a collaboration with General Dynamics Corp. The patents were successfully sold in 2011 to a major international patent firm formed and led by an early Microsoft CTO.

Beechtree Capital Predecessor
Beechtree Capital, LLC had its earliest beginnings in the early 1990s. Beechtree CEO George M. Weiss was one of two partners in Beechtree Capital Group, LLC, a predecessor firm, which participated with international firms working in London, Malaysia and Tatarstan, a Russian Republic, to guide the financing and modernization of that Republic’s largest chemical plant. The group advised and were pivotal in completing an initial $500 million financing from the U.S. Exim Bank, Citicorp and ABB Ltd. Early Beechtree Capital Group activities also included consulting in various situations including the public offering on the London Stock Exchange of Tatneft, Tatarstan’s leading oil company.

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