Making A Difference

Throughout his life, George M. Weiss has exemplified a spirit of philanthropy and service. George has contributed his time, resources and leadership to organizations and causes, beginning in college, when he helped raise $1 million to fund a community theater in the round that is still in operation today, and extending to now, when he’s engaged in organizations addressing youth, ecology, health, sport, education, world hunger and more.

National Football Foundation
Vice Chairman and Committee Member
1969 – 2014
Dallas, TX

George was an early attorney for the National Football Foundation before becoming a board and committee member. At his retirement in December 2014, George served as vice chairman of this 67-year-old organization. George was the co-recipient of the 2014 Gold Medal, the Foundation’s highest honor, which has previously been awarded to 57 honorees, including seven U.S. Presidents, a Supreme Court Justice and numerous governmental and Fortune 100 corporate leaders. The National Football Foundation, with one of the most esteemed boards in the country, promotes athletic and academic excellence, leadership and emphasizes the importance of amateur football programs.

For additional endeavors George is engaged in with the NFF, see also the “NFF” tab on the Home page.

The Sedona Institute
2014 – Present
Sedona, AZ

The Sedona Institute is an Arizona think tank advancing non-partisan innovative ideas and creative concepts internationally, related to the arts, technology and ecological matters. George founded the Institute and is engaging cutting edge and thought leaders from New York City, Silcon Valley, Sedona and Scottsdale, AZ. in the development of the Institute. The organization is currently seeking non-profit designation.

U.S. Naval Academy Foundation
Member of the Board of Trustees
2011 – Present
Annapolis, MD

George is a member of the Board of Trustees of the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation, which helps advance the United States Naval Academy and the Naval Academy Alumni Association by providing private resources to achieve and maintain a broad range of mission-enhancing activities that support one of the nation’s premier leadership institution and its graduates.

Atlanta College Football Hall of Fame
Board Member and Audit Committee Co-Chair
2007 – Present
Atlanta, GA

George was one of the earliest founders and is a current board and committee member of this organization. The $80 million College Football Hall of Fame, sponsored by the National Football Foundation and leading Fortune 100 companies, opened to the public in August 2014.

Play It Smart Foundation
Co-Founder, Board Vice Chairman and Audit Committee Chair
2000 – 2010
Dallas, TX

The Play It Smart Foundation was formed by the National Football Foundation and worked in cooperation with Springfield College and other partners to provide sport and educational programs for inner city youth. In addition to co-founding the organization, George served as an early co-funder, vice chairman of the board of directors, and chair of the audit committee.

The Hunger Project
Board Member and Audit and Finance Committee Chair
2000 – 2013
New York City, NY

George served for 13 years as a board member and finance and audit committee chair of The Hunger Project, a 30+-year-old non-profit international institution providing leading programs to rid the world of hunger and to protect women’s and basic human rights.

Business Executives for National Security (BENS)
Member (Silicon Valley)
2007 – 2011
Palo Alto, CA

George was an active member of the Silicon Valley branch of BENS, a nationwide non-profit organization fostering collaboration among leading U.S. Corporations, the U.S. Military and other governmental security agencies.

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